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shandong yuanquan machinery co., ltd.

address: industrial park, yishui county, shandong province

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     shandong yuanquan machinery co., ltd. is located in known as "china"s oil top city" said the yishui county north industrial park, formerly known as yishui county hongda machinery factory, founded in 2008, company covers an area of 30 acres, the registered capital of 50 million yuan, with staff 64 people, the standard workshop area of more than 20000 square meters. is the earlier research, development, manufacturing hydraulic automatic press equipment of the professional manufacturers, the company also producing all tobacco production of special machinery, tobacco baking equipment and agricultural machinery. company has strong technical strength, complete detection means, research and development team, the product continues to update.
     company development and production of the "source" brand series of press, has received national patents. "source" brand oil press has a high content of science and technology, reasonable design, firm durable, high efficiency and energy saving features, compared to the early products are "saving, labor saving, electricity saving" three advantages. the products are exported to shanxi, heilongjiang, hebei, henan, jiangsu and other provinces, excellent product quality and considerate after-sales service by domestic and foreign users alike.
     development company development of tobacco production, special machinery and equipment from a rotary tillage, ridging, fertilization, mulching, transplanting, spraying to the tobacco harvest, to the late tobacco roast room heating equipment, loved by the state tobacco monopoly bureau under the leadership of the recognition and the vast number of farmers. at the same time allowed to many national patents. the production machinery of the equipment at the same time can be used for agricultural mechanization production, for the country"s agricultural mechanization production process has played a positive role in promoting.
    my company"s existing various types of automatic hydraulic press, oil filter, heat conduction oil fried grits pot, grits grinding machine, hydraulic cutting glue machine, 206# grinding paste machine, thickening of the drum frying oil equipment, long-term to each big, medium, small grain and oil production enterprises and grain and oil processing households provide complete and supporting squeezed oil equipment, and according to user needs, design and processing of various pressure of mechanical products. at the same time, the company and rotary tillage, ridging and fertilizing machine, tobacco laminating machine, tobacco transplanting machine, tobacco and spraying machine, tobacco harvesting machines and other tobacco production of special mechanical products and flue cured tobacco furnace, barn doors and windows, clip smoke, tobacco baking equipment. special machine for tobacco production can be used for the production of agricultural mechanization, which is convenient for the production and life of farmers. the furnace can also be used for baking tobacco, betel nut, walnut, honeysuckle with circulating heating the air to dry materials.
     my company to serve the people of the masses, is willing to advanced technology, excellent quality dedicated to the vast number of users. willing to work with the vast number of users to carry out sincere cooperation, common for the revitalization of the national industry, to make positive efforts and contributions to the development of our national economy.
     the company adhere to the people-oriented, integrity management. "quality first, customer first" is our consistent aim.
shandong source machinery co., ltd.

shandong yuanquan machinery co., ltd.